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About Robert & Dixie

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Robert and Dixie are passionate about inspiring, encouraging and empowering people to make the changes necessary in life to reach their full potential and engage in healthy relationships. As educators, authors and life coaches they are firmly committed to the diminishing of defeated mindsets in the lives of people everywhere.


Their coaching and training focuses on empowering individuals by helping them understand why they behave the way they do, identifying self-limiting thoughts and providing the tools necessary to remedying these issues. Robert and Dixie desire to see people become fully aware of their authentic identity and awesome potential that our creator has invested in His creation. 


Through their coaching, webinars, educational resources and speaking engagements many have been emancipated from debilitating thought patterns and received healing from past wounds and abuse. Their YouTube videos have been a source of understanding, inspiration and freedom for hundreds of thousands of people around the globe as they discover their ability to operate at a higher capacity in life.


For several years, Robert & Dixie have specialized in personal and online coaching and development with clients located all over the world from Canada, Australia, Africa, Austria, United Kingdom, China, Italy, Israel, Germany, Holland, South America and Ireland simply to name a few.  They have also reached people in over forty-one of the United States helping people achieve their full potential in life, all through the use of our cutting edge technology. 

  • American Association of Christian Counselors

  • Certified Coach - John Maxwell Team

  • Certified Life Transformation Coach 

  • Certified Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) Life Coach

  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Life Coach

  • 80 years of combined ministry experience 

  • 30 years experience on Wall Street

  • 40 years healthy marriage

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners

  • Well-recognized public speakers

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