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Coaching Sessions

Freedom Coaching

As your freedom coach, we help you understand why you’re in bondage or attracted to unhealthy people, environments and lifestyles. We help you identify the access points of darkness and where the deep wounds occurred. We assist you in removing demonic strongholds by the renewing your mind and the eradication of darkness. We then help you discover the real-self, and develop a plan to maintain your freedom. Deliverance and healing is a journey that cannot be rushed. We will help you progress at a pace that gets to the root of the matter. Once you identify the root, you can understand that there is a reason for why you behave the way you do. At that point you can begin to remove unhealthy life commandments that have hindered you from excelling in life and remove the shackles and chains that have tormented you for years.

Narcissism Coaching & Healing

Narcissism Coaching and Healing is for individuals in controlling, abusive or toxic relationships. If you’ve experienced emotional, mental or physical abuse at the hands of a toxic narcissist or have been attracted to individuals that display narcissistic characteristics, this coaching lane is for you. Narcissistic type behaviors manifest by exhibiting a vast array of tactics. Control, manipulation, domination, intimidation and gaslighting are just a few. These tactics can leave one wounded, confused and potentially isolated in a world of rejection and shame. Our coaching is designed to not only heal the broken hearted but also assist the participant in discovering the portals that led to the attraction to or deception of the narcissist. Because Narcissists tend to seek out people pleasers, empathetic or codependent people, we investigate the spiritual dynamics of Narcissistic types, including the Jezebel-Ahab / Mother-Father relationship.   

Marriage Coaching 

Our Marriage coaching is designed for couples with severe marital problems or for those who simply want to strengthen an already healthy relationship. It is a highly effective way to resolve marriage issues and gain a greater understanding of the purpose and power of the union. Our Marriage and Matters Coaching module offers a series of coaching appointments that will meet your needs right where you are and provide you with the tools necessary to build and maintain a healthy relationship. Marriage Coaching is different from traditional Marriage counseling. Whereas, marriage counseling is often more formal and clinical, marriage coaching is more personal, relational and based on experience. Our Marriage and Matters coaching provides a safe environment for couples and gets to the heart of the issues that exist in both spouses.