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Welcome to our Professional Coaching Platform 


At iCan Coaching & Development we have designed our program to help people discover their true identity, purpose and potential in life. 


Unfortunately, many people today are struggling with rejection, anxiety, depression, negative core beliefs, trauma, toxic relationships, addictive behaviors and unstable emotions from the wounds of the past that have gone undetected or unresolved. This prohibits people from excelling in life and severely hinders them from engaging in healthy relationships. Our coaching program is designed to get you the help you need to take back your life and establish healthy relationships. 


It has been said, “Before you can do something you must first be something.” Our coaching focuses on helping you, the participant, raise your awareness of who you truly are, not based on past events, performance or relationships but rather seeing you like God sees you.  Someone that has all the potential within to grow into the amazing person you truly are.


You do not have to go another day feeling stuck in the past. You have been wishing long enough. Let today be the day you take the first step to achieving your dreams and discovering  your true identity. 


To learn of the many coaching lanes we have for you to choose from. Click on the link below. Your life will be TRANSFORMED. 


Are you ready to stop living a life filled with mediocrity and despair? Are you ready to discover that life has a greater purpose for you? Have you tried to change on your own only find yourself stuck in the same place? Are you deeply unsatisfied or bored with life yet don’t know how to live in a more meaningful manner? Or, perhaps you have been abused, rejected or experienced trauma at a young age that left you emotionally wounded. If so ..........  YOU NEED COACHING!


Whether you are or have been in a controlling relationship, experiencing relational or marital problems or are trying to break generational curses that have you living a dysfunctional life - this program is for you! 


Areas we cover:


Married                          Guilt                                  Shame                                   Low Self-Esteem                    Limited Beliefs

Divorced                        Physically abused            Blame                                    Trouble Communicating        Arrested Development

Separated                      Emotionally abused        Feel isolated                         Jekyll/Hyde Personality         Codependency

Unmarried                     Sexually abused               Angry                                    Oppressed                              Disconnected Emotions

Engaged                        Molested                          Wounded Soul                     Manipulated                           Conflict Avoidance

Teenagers                      Controlled                        Intimidated                           Rejection

Addicted to Porn          Adultery                            Fears/Phobias                      Abandoned 

Bitterness                       Depressed                       Narcissistic Relationships    Chronic Procrastination 

Why do I need life Coaching?

  • You want more

  • You want to grow

  • You want accountability

  • You want to be challenged

  • You want tools to succeed

  • You want balance in life

  • You want to build healthy relationships

  • You want motivation and momentum

  • You want to start a business

  • You want to be wealthy

  • You want to establish goals

  • You want to know your purpose

  • ……….…. and much more!!!

Reasons you should NOT hire a life coach

  1. You’re comfortable with where you are in life and have no desire to realize your full potential.  

  2. You don’t want to be challenged, feel uncomfortable or change. 

  3. You don’t want to forgive and improve your relationships

  4. You want to be told what to do.

  5. You want a quick fix.

  6. You don’t want to pay for coaching (if you don't see yourself as valuable enough to make an investment in - coaching is not for you)

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