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Many "Christians" are struggling in life. Much of this is due to arrested development in the emotional arena. Far too many suffer from severe rejection, narcissistic relationships, and anxiety. They have become perpetual victims from early childhood trauma. Sexual abuse, molestation, verbal abuse, physical abuse and emotional abuse from the original has caused millions to suffer. Many are coming to our churches looking for freedom, yet walk away further wounded due to the lack of understanding of genuine deliverance and the inability to provide "post-deliverance" therapy. This book is designed to be a resource to help you understand how the soul becomes petrified and how arrested development operates and takes root in a person’s life. We will look at many of the common signs and symptoms that exist in a person that has a petrified soul. This book will not only explain what a Petrified Soul is, but it will help you to understand that your behaviors have a source. And once you identify the source you can restart the growing process and maturate into